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Who We Are
The Massachusetts Education Equity Partnership (MEEP) is a collective effort of civil rights, social justice, and education advocates from across the Commonwealth working together to promote educational equity for historically underserved students in our state’s schools.
What We Do
  • Draw attention to educational inequities in Massachusetts
  • Advocate for policies and practices that improve opportunity and outcomes for students of color, linguistically diverse students, students from economically disadvantaged families, and students with disabilities
  • Work alongside students, families, and communities to build urgency and collective will for educational equity and justice
Our North Star Vision
The Massachusetts Education Equity Partnership represents a statewide movement of advocates for educational equity committed to building power and capacity in historically underserved communities, advancing policies and practices that achieve educational justice, and shifting decision-making power and representation throughout the education system to be inclusive of community voices. MEEP mobilizes a diverse group of leaders across sectors to strategically enhance opportunities for all Massachusetts families.
In Focus: Keeping Equity at the Forefront - Pandemic Recovery
As students and educators across Massachusetts prepare to return to school buildings following 18 months of COVID-19-related disruptions, the Massachusetts Education Equity Partnership has released a new toolkit entitled Keeping Equity at the Forefront: Pandemic Recovery. The toolkit puts forth recommendations for how district and school leaders can leverage federal relief and recovery dollars and state Student Opportunity Act funding to both meet student, educator, and family needs in this moment and tackle educational inequities that long predate the pandemic.
The Education Trust
October 28, 2021 7:00pm
Strategies to Solve Unfinished Learning: A Workshop Series
This series of workshops is aimed at helping local education equity advocates build their knowledge and skills for advocating to and partnering with district leaders to implement effective and equitable practices to combat unfinished student learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Join session 1 of this series, Setting the Stage, by registering below.
The Worcester Education Collaborative
Monday, November 1, 4pm-6pm
The Worcester Education Collaborative 2021 Annual Meeting
They are excited to host Commissioner Jeffrey Riley of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Commissioner Carlos Santiago of the Department of Higher Education. Facilitating a dynamic conversation between these two education leaders will be Chief Operating Officer of MassInc, Juana Matias. This unique event will be of interest to all those with a stake in our education pipeline and the state of teaching and learning in our Commonwealth.
The Teacher’s Lounge (TTL)
Thursday, November 18, 5-9pm, 501 Boylston St in Boston
In-person Meeting
Grading Party
The Teacher’s Lounge (TTL) is partnering with WeWork BackBay for their first ever Grading Party on Thursday, November 18 from 5-9pm at 501 Boylston St in Boston. TTL will have volunteers on site to support grading, organizing, lesson planning etc. Food and beverages will be provided.
Advocacy Priorities & Resources
COVID-19 Response and Recovery
Throughout the pandemic, MEEP has been focused on two things:
  1. Urging state and local education leaders to ensure that students continue to learn and families receive the support they need regardless of where kids were learning from, and
  2. Helping elevate the voices of students, families and educators most affected by the pandemic through our ongoing #MeetTheMomentMA campaign.
Now, as Massachusetts shifts from pandemic response to recovery with billions of dollars in new federal and state funding on the table, we are working to make sure that our state seizes this unique opportunity to build back stronger and tackle inequities that have long undermined learning experiences and outcomes for students of color, economically disadvantaged students, English learners and students with disabilities.
Shining a Light on Educational Disparities
The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging it exists. For too long, Massachusetts’ high average achievement has enabled the state to avoid confronting the deep disparities in opportunity and outcomes hidden behind our rankings. A key priority of the Massachusetts Education Equity Partnership is to draw attention to and challenge these inequities through advocacy and action.
Seizing the Moment: Student Opportunity Act Implementation
MEEP members worked alongside other advocates, legislators and educators to secure passage of the Student Opportunity Act (SOA). This landmark legislation commits to investing an additional $2.2 billion in Massachusetts schools and requires all districts to address disparities in opportunity and achievement. 

We are committed to supporting families, communities and educators in making sure that the new funding provided by the SOA results in dramatic improvement in learning experiences and outcomes for historically underserved students across Massachusetts. Check out our resources below and keep an eye on this space for more coming soon.
    Strong and Diverse Educators
    Research clearly shows that teacher diversity matters for all students, and especially for students of color. Students of color who have a same-race teacher are more likely to attend school regularly, perform higher on assessments, graduate from high school, and consider college. For White students, diversity can reduce bias.

    Yet too few Massachusetts students benefit from teacher diversity. Statewide, only 8% of teachers are people of color, as compared to 40% of students. What’s more, unequal, biased working conditions lead teachers of color to leave the profession at higher rates than their White counterparts.

    Turning these patterns around is critical to student success. We are actively working on recommendations for state and district action. Keep an eye on this space for more.

    Our Partners
    MEEP members come from Eastern, Central and Western Massachusetts, represent different constituencies, and bring differing perspectives on educational improvement. All of us, however, are committed to working together to advance opportunity and outcomes for students that have been underserved in Massachusetts for too long. 

    Note: Partners decide on a case-by-case basis whether to sign onto each of our publications or actions.

    Our Partners include:
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