Alongside the rest of the country, Massachusetts is fighting multiple pandemics: the COVID-19 virus and its devastating health and economic impacts, and persistent systemic racism. This moment is hard for so many reasons. But it’s also an opportunity to step up and meet the challenge of this moment with courageous advocacy and action.

To that end, the Massachusetts Education Equity Partnership has launched Meet the Moment Massachusetts, a campaign that calls on education and elected leaders to center the voices, experiences, and demands of historically underserved students and families in policy decisions during this time of pandemic. The campaign seeks to advance two central goals:
  • Ensure that student and family perspectives inform policy and decision-making at every level of our education system, from the classroom to the State Legislature, and
  • Spark public demand for classroom instruction rooted in anti-racism and culturally-responsive pedagogy.
Families in Massachusetts have made herculean efforts to meet the needs of their children amidst great uncertainty and little support during this time of pandemic. We must rise to ensure that we meet the urgency of this moment and adequately support students and families, from what they learn to how they participate in decision-making.
Challenges of Remote Learning Amid Pandemic
Alejandra de la Cruz is a 17-year old Massachusetts high school senior who advocates for equality in education. A youth organizer with Hyde Square Task Force, a MEEP partner, she speaks out about the challenges of remote learning amid the pandemic and the lack of motivation she sees among her peers.
#HearOurTruth: Listening to Students and Families
For policy to be most impactful and effective, it must be informed by the voices of the people most impacted on the ground. The Massachusetts Education Equity Partnership believes that students and families must speak for themselves and inform decision-making at every level, from the classroom to the State Legislature.
#HearOurTruth Video Narratives
Earlier this year, we asked students and families across Massachusetts how remote learning had gone for them last spring, and what they hoped would be different this school year. Here’s what they told us.

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